UAV Toolbox Powerful tools for Yuneec Drones

Typhoon H, H Plus, H520

UAV Toolbox 3.3 - Map and Security update

For ST16, ST16+, ST16S - Check the new Install Page to get started now

CGO-ET users can also edit thermal images after a flight with our online tool

Logs, Media, Mission Planning

Are you making the most of your drone?

UAV Toolbox for the Yuneec ST-16 Controller works with your Typhoon H, H Plus and H520 to manage your flight information, video and telemetry.

Regular updates add powerful new features both for professionals and hobbyists.

Use in the field and at home

Runs securely and safely on your ST-16 controller in the field to add vital tools to your drone.

Connects to your PC at home to give easy download of FPV video, photos and telemetry.

Uploads flight data to the web for easy sharing with clients, colleagues and friends


  • Preview FPV video & stills on the ST-16, synchronized with map
  • Share flights online for easy review and replay
  • Manage your equipment, tracking use for each flight
  • Edit cable cam missions, with accurate camera and flight path estimation.
  • Download telemetry files straight to your PC - no more SD Cards!
  • Download or view FPV video & stills directly in your PC browser
  • Convert telemetry for tools such as DashWare and Google Maps (GPX)
  • View and playback routes on the ST-16 with maps available offline
  • Detailed statistics for flights
  • One click address and weather lookup for logs
  • Error analysis: Compass calibration, voltage warning etc.
  • Annotate files - makes it easy to identify your best flights
  • Share your routes with quick screenshots
  • Curved Cable Cam review - the most accurate flight path estimation

New In 3.3 - Winter 2023

  • Map updates and security fixes
  • Mission elevation fix for HPlus Cable Cam

Known Issues

  • Location search unavailable for Mission creation
  • Address lookup unavailable for log completion
Due to changes from our API provider, these features are currently not available. We are working on updating the server to fix this issue.